• 925 Devonshire Ave, Woodstock, ON N4S 5S1


All electrical systems require regular maintenance to ensure safety and optimum functionality. Mobile Energy services all products we design and build. Whether you need a simple cleaning and checkup, minor repairs or a complete refurbishment of your mobile substation, we are at your service.


When your mobile power technology requires a boost or increased functionality to do the job, Mobile Energy can upgrade your system based on your requirements. Minor upgrades may be performed on site, while more extensive retrofits may need to be performed at our manufacturing facility in Woodstock, Ontario. Regardless, we’ll work with you to make the experience as convenient as possible.


Our engineers and technicians are only a phone call away. Need a second opinion? Considering a new mobile substation? Dealing with a special need that requires a unique solution? We are here to provide customized service that can power your performance.

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