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Mobile Substation

A mobile substation is a self-contained trailer-mounted substation featuring a transformer, cooling equipment, high and low voltage protection, as well as metering, relaying devices, AC and DC auxiliary power supply, surge protection and a cable connecting arrangement.

Each substation is built to order based on a thorough analysis of your needs, and as closely as possible, we’ll match your size and weight specifications. Our Research and Development staff are continuously investigating and testing unit enhancements to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. New options are added regularly.

Our design focuses on superior functionality, safety and ease of use.

Mobile substations are factory built and tested, and delivered completely assembled and oil-filled. They can be installed on site in a matter of hours. We train your staff on the proper operation of the unit and we service all units we manufacture. We also supply any parts required for service or repair.


  • High-grade steel
  • Automatic cable reeling
  • Multiple feeds
  • Steerable rear axles for improved maneuverability 
  • Rotating transformer turntable
  • Hydraulic leveling support legs 
  • Roll-out mechanism for in-service and transit  

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